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Awesome Cyber Security Facts - Infographic


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 Check out our "Awesome Cyber Security Facts" infographic below to see how crucial cyber security attack was for some businesses, what are our main weaknesses in terms of personal cyber security and even more: 


Infographic on how important is cyber security


Cyber Security – How to Mount Your Best Defense

Cyber crime has become a real growth industry over the last few years. We’ve seen some massive cyber security breaches. Hacking, for example, cost Epsilon $4 billion back in 2011. It’s not just big businesses that have to worry about cyber security threats, though.
Cyber criminals use specially designed programs to test for any vulnerability in cyber security. They’ll send these out to infect any computers that they encounter. It takes no effort at all.  
In this post, we’ll go over why it’s essential for everyone to have a robust cyber security strategy in place.

What Is Cyber Security?

Many people think that cyber security is limited to the anti-virus program you’ve got installed. In reality, that’s only a small part of it. If you were to study cyber security, you’d learn to identify every cyber security threat – both from external and internal sources.
You’d also learn that our behavior is what puts us at risk most. Security awareness training is your first and best defense against cyber security risk.

Why Is Cyber Security Important?

The potential monetary loss caused by a data breach is only a small part of the computer security risk. The consequences of a breach can be far-reaching for businesses and private individuals.
As an individual, you might become a victim of identity theft. Proving that your identity was stolen is difficult. In the interim, your credit rating is affected. That, in turn, affects your chances of receiving better rates on insurance and loans. It can also impact your employment opportunities.
For business owners, the risks are even higher.

The Importance of Cyber Security Awareness in Business

Six out of ten small businesses close within six months of a breach. Breaches carry the following risks:
  • The loss of money
  • Reputational risk
  • Fines for not protecting client data correctly
  • Other incidental costs like cyber security insurance and cyber security skills training

Cyber Security Training for Employees

The first step to protecting against cyber attacks is getting your employees on the same page. If you run a basic cyber awareness test, you’ll soon be able to see what knowledge gaps there are.
Running cyber security education classes will help to dispel any misconceptions about the importance of the topic.

Common Misconceptions About Cyber Security

There are a few very outdated notions out there when it comes to this subject. These include:
  • I have a firewall, so I’m safe
  • HTTPS encryption makes my site invulnerable
  • It’s my hosting company’s duty to safeguard my site
  • I don’t go online, so I’m safe
  • Only big businesses make good targets
These misconceptions have all been disproved by cyber security research.

Email Safety And Cyber Security

According to research 97% of people can't identify fishing email. Now that is serious - any employee and even you can open phishing email and let the data be stolen. 
In order to increase your email security you should consider doing next things:

Final Notes

Keeping your data secure involves more than just installing an anti-virus program and hoping for the best. It’s important to have a solid strategy and to always be on your guard. You need to give this thought year-round, not just during cyber security month.

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