EveryCloud Demo Video

Put Your Feet Up & We'll Do The Monitoring


Watch a quick overview of our Free Mail Flow Monitor.


Be The First To Know

Even small email delays can cost an organization dearly. Tracking email performance lets you know about delays before they do real damage and gives you the peace of the mind you and your team deserve.

Peace of Mind

Just set up a mailbox with a forward back to us, and we'll ping your mail server every 5 mins (either directly or via the MX records) and record the results for you. If we see delays above a threshold you set, we'll let you know by alternative email address, SMS or call.


Set Policies

Need to alert more than one person? Set up multiple polices to send text messages or even make phone calls. You can set alerts by SMTP reason code, so you don't get unnecessary alerts. 

Troubleshooting Information

When pings aren’t received before the time threshold, alerts now contain a breakdown of a recent test email's journey to help you understand where the problem might be.


We Love Partners

Over 400 MSPs globally offer EveryCloud services to their customers and we’d love you to do the same. The Mail Flow Monitor has been built from the ground up with partners in mind, making it simple to manage multiple customers all from one login. It's free for Partners to use as long as you wish.