IT Pro Tuesday #11

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Hello IT Pro,

Here’s our latest curated post on the best tools and items of interest that we’ve seen this week. As normal. We have no affiliation with these brands unless otherwise stated.


Find a MAC Address Quickly

This is a hack that you’ll love. It saves you having to run the ipconfig command and having to check a whole list of items. You’ll also no longer have to use network dialogue windows to find the information that you need.

What’s the secret? Open your command prompt window. Now type in getmac. That’s it – you’ll have the information up in seconds. It’s a lifesaver if you’re running more than one NIC interface.



ADModify.NET will come in handy if you are an Exchange or Active Directory Admin. This tool enables admins to allow bulk user attribute modifications.



If you would like to join a community that provides practical advice and news from real IT pros, check out 4sysops. The team consists of experienced pros who tackle the latest developments and news in the IT industry. You’ll soon be able to play the role of an industry guru. 

Need some help? Sign up for the forum and ask your question. Very active users get rewards on a monthly basis.


PowerShell Slack

This is one of the pioneer sites when it comes to PowerShell. They started out with a group on FreedNode IRC before PowerShell was all the rage. Their slack channel offers the same practical advice and assistance. Sign up and you’ll have access to assistance in real-time.  


Quote of the Week

“It’s easy to forget that the ultimate goal of systems administration is to make systems, applications and services available to people who use them to get their jobs done. A good systems administrator must be able to communicate and get along well with others.” This was in an article I found very interesting.

Have a great week. If you’ve got anything to add, let us know in the comments below. 


Graham | CEO | EveryCloud


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