IT Pro Tuesday #12

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Hello IT Pro, 

What do we have for you this week? Quite a bit, so let’s get to it. As normal, unless we state otherwise, we’re not affiliated with any of the brands below.

The Cuckoo’s Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage

007 and Jason Bourne make for great viewing on TV. In reality, though, the spy world is very different. This book is the story of a man who saw the potential of the internet to act as a communication tool for spies and terrorists. An astronomer by trade, he takes the reader on his fascinating journey to take down a KGB ring and a whole lot more. This occurred during the 80s, so the tech is older. Unix sysadmins who’ve been in the industry for a while, though, will recognize it.


Need to Import PST Files to Office 365 Exchange?

Follow these step by step instructions to easily import your files. If you’re working with Office 365, you should check this out.


Reddit Hack

Save time by stringing various subreddits together. Check out /r/netsec /r/networking /r/pwned /r/linuxadmin, and get all the best subreddits in one.  

Remote Server Admin Tools

The RSAT Tools from Microsoft will make your life a lot easier. You’re can use these tools to manage whatever aspect of the Windows infrastructure you like. They can save you having to RDP into a server. Need to log into a different user account? Just use the RunAs command.


All About Microsoft

Marey Jo Foley watches Microsoft closely. If they’re releasing a new product, she’ll let you know what to expect. She’s also got some useful tips on making Microsoft systems run like clockwork. Check out All About Microsoft.  

Have a great week. If you’ve got any tips to share with us, let us know in the comments below. 

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud

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SysAdmin Detective Story, News Aggregation & Admin Tools