IT Pro Tuesday #155

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Welcome back to IT Pro Tuesday!

We're also asking for your favorite tips and free tools we can share with the community... those that help you do your job better and more easily. Please reply or leave a comment with your suggestions, and we'll be featuring them in the coming weeks.

As always, we’re updating the full, searchable list on our website here. Enjoy.

But on with this week's tools...! Here are the most-interesting items that have come across our desks, laptops and phones this week. Hornetsecurity has no known affiliation with any of these unless we explicitly state otherwise.

A Free Tool

Free Carrier Lookup allows you to enter any phone number to get the carrier name and whether the number is wireless or landline. Provides the latest data so it stays current and accurate for most countries. Also offers the email-to-SMS and email-to-MMS gateway addresses for US and Canadian phone numbers. Our thanks for this recommendation go to raad_altaie.

A Podcast

The Hedge is a network engineering podcast that covers technology and other topics of relevance to a network engineer, from the smallest networks up to the entirety of the internet. Appreciated by BPDU_Unfiltered.

Another Free Tool

pyWhat enables you to easily identify emails, IP addresses and more. Feed it a .pcap file or some mysterious text or hex of a file, and it will tell you what it is. The tool is recursive, so it can identify everything in text, files and more. A shout out to the tool's author for sharing his creation.

A Cheatsheet

Vim Cheatsheet is a nicely organized, printable collection of key, useful Vim commands. A dark version is also available here. Kindly shared by kaisunc.

One More Free Tool

Arkime is secure, scaleable, indexed packet capture and search tool that can improve your network security by providing greater visibility. This open-source tool stores and indexes network traffic in standard PCAP format. Our thanks for the suggestion goes to Security_Chief_Odo.

P.S. Bonus Free Tools

TCP Port Scanner with Nmap is designed to detect open TCP ports and running services (including their versions) as well as conducting OS fingerprinting on a target IP address or hostname. Allows you to map your network perimeter, check firewall rules and verify which services are reachable from the Internet.

Veyon is an open-source tool for computer monitoring and classroom management on Linux and Windows. Enables you to monitor and remotely control all computers, access individual computers or take screenshots with a click, lock all computers and block input devices, and broadcast any screen to the group. Integrates with your network and directory services using the information already stored on your LDAP or ActiveDirectory server. pizzaandcheese adds, "I've been using it for around a year or so in 2 of our labs and it is fantastic. But… make sure the devices have DCHP reservations or static IPs as it causes issues otherwise."

Have a fantastic week and as usual, let us know any comments.

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