IT Pro Tuesday #190

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Welcome back to IT Pro Tuesday!

Super excited to have talked with Ben Armstrong of Microsoft about bringing AKS on-prem! As Group Program Manager for AKS on premises at Microsoft, in this podcast Ben shares why AKS is important for IT Pros, the adoption outlook, Azure Stack HCI and more! Watch/Listen on DOJO or on your favorite player.

We're looking for cool tips and tools we can share with the community... those that help you do your job better and more easily. Please reply with your latest finds, so we can help others benefit from your experience.

As always, we’re updating the full list on our website here. Enjoy.

But on with this week's tools...! Here are the most-interesting items that have come across our desks, laptops and phones this week. Hornetsecurity has no known affiliation with any of these unless we explicitly state otherwise.

A Blog

RDR-IT is loaded with fantastic IT tutorials, scripts and troubleshooting information—all geared toward the professional sysadmin. You'll find tons of useful tips for Windows and Linux, as well as helpful details on other software, hardware and time-saving tools.

A List

Free Cybersecurity Services and Tools is a newly released compilation of security-related resources from CISA. Plans for the page include continuous updates and community contributions of useful tools and services, so it should continue to deliver value beyond the first visit. OldNavyGuy301 describes it simply as "a list of free cybersecurity services and tools to help organizations reduce cybersecurity risk and strengthen resiliency."

A Tip

Brewster2011 shares a handy shortcut for MS Teams: "Left click 7 times on MS Teams in the system tray then right click to gain access to dev options. Useful for gathering indepth logs."

And aon9492 adds that "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1 will dump Teams logs to default Downloads directory."


A Website

Rule 11 Tech is a compilation of resources and information from networking expert, Russ White. You'll find a wide compilation of topics and materials that can help you delve deeper into the subject of networking—and some other highly interesting topics as well! kazaii64 adds, "Russ has some great trinkets in his RSS feed. He also has a weekly weekend reads to help you discover other sources."

Training Resource

CompTIA A+ Full Video Course for Beginners is a free training course generously provided by No-Energy2718, an international certified trainer with over 10 years of experience. It consists of 18 modules and is intended to be "enough to pass both the international exams for A+."

P.S. Bonus Free Tools

Use PowerShell to find Windows Services configured to run as a another user walks you through the more-complex-than-anticipated process of finding all the services configured to run as another user on a specific group of servers. Kindly shared by compwiz32.

Dino is a decentralized, secure, privacy-focused messaging application for desktop featuring e2e-encrypted, peer-to-peer calls that are compatible with other XMPP applications. The latest release has also added video calls and conferences with a clean, intuitive interface. Our thanks for this suggestion goes to zerohoverboards.

Have a fantastic week and as usual, let us know any comments.

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