IT Pro Tuesday #22

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Hello IT Pro, 

We’re going to try something a little different this week. We’ve gotten some feedback that we need to do more for our Linux users and so we’re going to start including more Linux tips. We love your feedback, so drop us a line whenever you have something to share.

And, now, back to our latest IT Pro Tuesday edition—with everything we’ve found interesting this week. As always, we’re not affiliated to any of the brands listed unless we expressly say so. 


UNetbootin is an extremely useful tool. It’s a utility that allows you to create bootable live USB drives without having to burn a CD. It works for Ubuntu and many Linux distributions. We got this great tip from Gianks. 



CopyQ is a free tool that helps you manage your clipboard. It has some advanced features that will help you up your editing and scripting abilities. It monitors your system’s clipboard and lets you save HTML, text, images, and so on into a set of customizable tags. You can then choose when and where you want to paste the information. You can also search and filter items on the clipboard. Thanks, majkinetor for tipping us off about this great tool.


Desktop Info

Desktop Info gives you a look an any metric about Windows—from the desktop. The display seems like standard wallpaper while it is working in the background to update the metrics in real-time. It’s an easy way to see what’s going on with your system and doesn’t require much in the way of resources. This tip was offered by mikedopp.

Sysadmin Book for Unix and Linux

UNIX® and Linux® System Administration Handbook, 5th Edition deserves a place on any sysadmin’s shelves. It’s one of the most comprehensive books on the topic and is written in a practical, easy-to-understand manner. You’ll learn about best practices in each area of sysadmin from experts in the field. Topics covered include:

  • Storage management
  • Performance analysis
  • DNS
  • Virtualization
  • Security
  • Managing IT service organizations
  • Web hosting
  • Automation
  • Performance analysis
  • Configuration management
  • DNS
  • Management of IT Service organizations
  • The installation, configuration, and maintenance of any Linux or Unix system.


Accessing Sysinternals Tools from Your Windows Box

Type Win + R and open \\\tools from any Windows box connected to the internet to access all the sysinternals tools. You’ll go through to a public share that has every tool hosted by Microsoft. Thanks for the tip, jedieaston.

That’s all for today – have a great week and let us know if you’ve got any tips you’d like to share. 

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud

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Clipboard Manager, Linux Guide, Free Tools & More