IT Pro Tuesday #23

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Hello IT Pro, 

Welcome to the latest installment of IT Pro Tuesday. As usual, we’re not affiliated with any brands we mention, unless we specifically say so.


Healthstone is your computer’s health hub. It’s designed to run a number of checks customized to your needs. It’s self-hosted, lightweight, agent-based and operates on Linux or Windows. You can control a number of Linux or Windows hosts.

The dashboard can be set up so you can send your notifications through several channels like Pushbullet, Nodepoint or email if the client doesn’t check-in or if the checks fail. The dashboard links to a series of templates you can customize as you like. We once again owe mikedopp our thanks for bringing our attention to this one.



This is a short podcast produced by the Internet Storm Center. StormCast is essential listening for anyone in the security community, offering a brief, high-level overview of the latest developments and news in the online security world.


Microsoft Cloud IT Pro

If you want to keep up to date with the latest Microsoft developments (with an emphasis on Office 365), you’ll want to listen to Microsoft Cloud IT Pro. The hosts, Ben and Scott are experienced in the IT industry. They do occasionally switch their conversation over to Azure, but mainly if it relates to Office 365. Keep an ear out for this one, there are some pretty interesting topics.


Last week we introduced you to UNetbootin. This week it’s time to introduce it’s speedier cousin, Rufus. Like UNebootin, Rufus creates a bootable USB drive. The difference here, though, is that Rufus is a lot faster when it comes to creating Windows boot drives. Thanks to Gianks for directing us to this one. That’s what our community is all about – helping each other.


A Tip

Here’s a keyboard shortcut for BASH. “Control + r” will let you search for a name or command in the history.

Why’s that a big deal? As you’re typing, the system will make suggestions according to the matches most recently made in your history—which saves you some keystrokes.

Wow, is that it already? It seems like I only just sat down to write this! Have a great week and please keep those great tips coming.

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud

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BASH Shortcut, Security Podcast, Free Tools & More