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Hello IT Pro, 

It's time for our newest IT Pro episode.  Here are the top tips and tricks that we’ve learned about over the last week. As you no doubt know by now, we aren’t affiliated with the brands below unless we state otherwise. 


Are you in the remote computing industry? If so, you’ll want to take a look at MobaXterm. It offers an outstanding terminal for sysadmins who need to access terminals remotely. You get each of the network tools you need and can also use Unix commands, all on your Windows system. Everything is included in one portable file that requires no tinkering at all. For the full version, you’ll have to pay, but there are some pretty nice features in the free version. These include: 

  • Complete SSH and X server support

  • Remote desktop

  • Remote terminal

  • X11-Forwarding

  • SFTP browser set up automatically

  • Support for plugins

  • Both the portable and installer versions

It might sound pretty complete, but there are limitations in terms of how much you can use it. Thanks, lazylion_ca for hunting down this one.  



Cloud Architects

Cloud technology has really taken off over the last decade. If you want to keep up to date with the latest developments, best practices and news in this area, Cloud Architects is an excellent podcat to follow. Hosted by Chris Goosen, Warren du Toit and Nicolas Blank, you’ll always find something of interest here. The hosts mix things up by offering interviews with industry experts as well as practical advice, tips and tricks.  


How-To Geek

Even the geekiest geek these days will battle to keep up with the tech that’s being developed. How-To Geek is an extremely well-timed resource that keeps an eye on new tech and explains it for all of us. It’s written in simple language that even the biggest technophobe will understand. The Geek force will be strong in you after reading this blog. Use it wisely.

If you just want to see how good your browser’s security setup is, you’ll want to visit The site will check what kinds of dodgy sites your MITM proxy is willing to classify as safe. Thanks Already__Taken - this is a really helpful tool.  



WinDirStat is a simple, open-source tool that performs a graphical analysis of your disk usage in Windows. You’ll be shown how much of your disk is being used and how much space each file extension takes up. It’s sorted in terms of how much space the extension is hogging, so it’s easy to see which ones need to go. This tip was brought to us by ohyeahwell.  


That's it, time’s up - see you at the same time and same place next week. 

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud

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Cloud Podcast, SSL Testing, Free Tools & More