IT Pro Tuesday #26

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Hello IT Pro, 

To start off with this week, we want to let you know about our free Mail Flow Monitor. With this tool, you can set the alert policies yourself. This allows you to let key members of your team be alerted whenever there are issues with mail flow.


Choose to be alerted by email, SMS, or call. To select the recipients of the alerts, head over to the lower edge of the dashboard. You’ll see a pencil icon that allows you to make edits. See it for yourself here:


Free Mail Flow Monitor


Now, back to our regular programming. Here are the items that we found most interesting this week. And as always, we’re not affiliated with any of the companies on this list unless we say otherwise.


Sans Digital Forensics and Incident Response Cheat Sheets

This collection of cheat sheets is a page you’ll want to bookmark. It gives you a wide variety of incident-response tips and tricks. You’ll find tactics, tools, tips, processes, techniques and commands for almost any incident. Sans DFIR is an industry leader in incident-response training, and it shows in this incredible assortment of cheat sheets.

Event Sentry

If you’re looking for one of the best resources online for dealing with Windows security events and auditing, you need to check out EventSentry. It gives you insight in how events correlate through the use of insertion strings, and how to review the audit instructions associated with the events. _deftoner was the one that first alerted us to this resource and said it was an especially good resource for rare errors—something that not even Microsoft has.  

IIS Crypto

This is a tool that lets administrators enable or disable various:

  • Ciphers
  • Protocols
  • Key Exchange Algorithms
  • Hashes

It operates on Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016. You’re able to reorder SSL/TLS cipher suites from IIS and also use a one-click process to implement best practices. Use the tool to create your own templates and put your website through its paces. EOTFOFFFTW put us onto this tool and noted that you can use it in both GUI and command-line versions.


Risky Business

No, we’re not talking about the eighties classic here. This is a podcast that security specialists will want to tune in to every week. It’s hosted by Patrick Gray and features in-depth interviews with thought-leaders in the security industry.



Ditto makes it possible to save any item on your clipboard for easy access at a later time. If you can add it to the clipboard, this tool will let you access it later. It works with text, html, images and custom formats. Arkiteck first introduced us to this one, and we’re hooked. It’s extremely user-friendly and makes it easy to sync and search your clipboard.

Wow, the time really went quickly this week, didn’t it? Do you have any other tools you’d like to add? Or anything that you’d like to learn more about? Why not drop us a line in the comments? 


Graham | CEO | EveryCloud

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Security Resources, Cheat Sheets, Free Tools & More