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Hello IT Pro, 

As usual, we’ve been trying hard to find the best info and tools for IT Pros. In this, you—our community—have been invaluable. You’d be amazed how many useful tips and tricks come in from our readers. We love them, so please keep them coming!

We’d also like to ask one small favor. If you’ve enjoyed our IT Pro Tuesday tips, please forward it on to someone who might also enjoy it. That way, we’ll grow our community and get even more great tips to share.

Okay, that was the sales pitch. Now let’s get on to the best tips we’ve found for this week. You know how this goes, but we have to put it in here anyway – We’re not affiliated with any of the companies listed below unless we state otherwise.


If you use Linux, the SystemRescueCd is one tool you’ll want in your arsenal. It will allow you to work on and repair any system or data after a systemwide crash. Keep it on a USB, CD, DVD or floppy disk. (That last one was to see if you’re paying attention.) Then just use it as needed.


KiTTY is PuTTY’s sexy big sister. For those that don’t know, PuTTY is a Telnet and SSH client. KiTTY is able to do everything that PuTTY can, and a lot more besides. You’ve got more features than you can shake a stick at. These include:

  • A sessions filter
  • Automatic log-on script
  • Portability
  • URL hyperlinks
  • Predefined command shortcuts
  • A session launcher
  • ZModem integration
  • And a lot more



We know you like freebies, who doesn’t? WinMTR is an open-source, 100% free Windows app. It integrates the functions you get from ping and traceroute utilities into a simple diagnostic tool. It was introduced to us by generalmx. With fantastic tips like this one, is it any wonder we are trying to grow our community?

The rollBak

This podcast covers DevOps, automation, networking and systems engineering. In short, anything an IT pro might need. What we like about it is that it’s a casual podcast that will help you learn more about complex topics without putting you to sleep.

Stephanos Constantinou’s Blog

Hit this link if that name’s too much of a mouthful. On his blog, you’ll be able to find scripts the author has created for:

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft On-Premise and Online
  • PowerShell

The author also has a section where he walks you through PowerShell tutorials.


Well, that’s about it for this week. Let us know about any tips that you may have or tips you’d like us to find for you.

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud

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Scripting Blog, Systems Podcast, Free Tools & More