IT Pro Tuesday #3

PDQ Inventory / Deploy, Travel Jacket & More... 

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Hello IT Pro, 

It’s time for another bit of inspiration and useful tools. As always, unless we state otherwise, we’re not affiliated with any of these products or sites.


PDQ Inventory and Deploy

One thing I love about this community is how engaged our readers are. Here’s a big thank you to Cor315 for telling us about PDQ Inventory and Deploy.

PDQ Inventory and Deploy is a free tool for software developers. It’s used to ensure that all Windows systems are kept up to date. It runs in the background—unobtrusively tracking your hardware, Windows configuration data and software and organizing them more efficiently.

If you’re a network developer or administrator, you’ll want to bookmark The sheer number of free tutorials on this site is staggering. Learn everything you need to know about networking, system administration and security in one convenient place.

A Little Wisdom I’ve Learned

Do you mark every task you give your employees with ASAP? Then you’re slowly poisoning the efficiency of your organization. If everything you hand out is urgent, urgency becomes the norm. It’ll come back and haunt you when there is a project with a truly urgent deadline that is just added to the same pile as all the rest.

Learn more on the topic by reading the book, “Rework” from the Founders of Basecamp.


Baubax 2.0 – The Best in Travel Jackets

My business partner came across one of these Baubax 2.0 jackets. So, naturally, I had to get my own and take it for a spin. It’s comfortable, looks smart casual, and has more pockets then anyone could possibly need. Although, in the interests of scientific research, I made sure I filled each of them.

It allows you to keep your mobile, tablet, glasses and so on secure. It even has a built-in neck pillow that comes in useful when you’ve got to sit in an airport for hours.
 is a site that has something for everyone in the IT sphere. It offers a forum where you can ask the advice of other pros, free software, tutorials and product reviews. Check it out – you’ll be glad you did.

Have a great week.

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud


P.S. I almost forgot to mention AllwaySync

AllwaySync is a handy piece of software if you work off different devices and use different storage methods. The software syncs the data stored on your device, USB drive, cloud service and FTP/SFTP servers.

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PDQ Inventory / Deploy, Travel Jacket & More