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Hello IT Pro, 

Are you in the healthcare industry? Then you’ll understand the importance of being HIPAA compliant. At EveryCloud, we are dedicated to giving our healthcare clients the full range of protection they need.

We use products such as Advanced Threat Protection and encryption to make sure that your ePHI is secure. We stay up to date with all the latest industry developments in regard to HIPAA. As the rules and regulations change, we tweak our product. You’ll never have to worry about HIPAA-compliance with us on your team.

Now, let’s see what tips and tricks we have for you this week. And, regular readers, say it with me: We have no affiliation with any of the brands mentioned below unless we state otherwise.

The Cheatsheet Compilation

Prateeksingh1590, you’re officially one of our heroes for compiling this. Check out the full Powershell (and more) Cheatsheet Compilation. You get a total of 14 PowerShell Cheatsheets. Some of what you’ll find includes: makes it possible for you to use your favorite software from any location worldwide. You’ll need to have a cloud folder, your PC or some sort of portable data storage device to use this opensource platform. The platform supports several commercially available software options and also offers a range of freeware and open-source software for you to use.  


Helpful Shortcuts

This list of helpful shortcuts was sent to us by brother_bean. Have a look—we’re willing to bet you’ll learn a new thing or two. 

The Windows Key along with:

  • The Left or Right arrow: This halves the size of the window and pulls the window to either the left- or right-hand side of the screen.
  • The Up Arrow: This brings your active window back to full size.
  • D: This brings up the desktop. Hit it again to return to the active window.
  • M: This minimizes all open windows.
  • Shift and the Left or Right Arrow Key: This allows you to shift your active window to the monitor next to yours.


As a Linux networking utility, Netcat is pretty impressive. Use it to read or write across network conditions, via UDP or TCP. The tool allows you to monitor, test, and send data. You’ll get access to a world-class exploration and debugging tool that has a ton of useful features. It has been designed to create just about any connection you can think of and provides a reliable back-end that you can use on its own or through scripts and programs.

Necrowerx was the one that first told us about this tool, and so far we love it. Some of our favourite features are:

  • Port listening
  • Port scanning
  • File transfer
  • Creating a backdoor

Podnutz Tech Podcast Network

Speel was the one who turned us on to this network of podcasts. There are a lot to choose from, covering a wide range of tech with the aim of educating end-users. You’ll learn more about a range of topics, from repairing a computer to Linux support for non-techies and even Android games.



That’s all from us today. Have a great week, and please let us know about any tips that you want to share.

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud

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Powershell Cheatsheets, Tech Podcast, Free Tools & More