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Hello IT Pro, 

We’ve got to take time out right now to thank the most valuable players on our team. So, here’s a big thank you to all of you! We’re growing our subscriber base by leaps and bounds. What’s more, we see email open rates of 37%. Considering that the industry norm is 10.9%, that’s phenomenal.

And it’s all thanks to you—you’ve helped us by forwarding our emails and contributing tips of your own. Thank you all so much.

Okay, we’ve got another jam-packed issue to share. As you know—we’re not affiliated with anyone on this list unless we expressly state otherwise.

The Book of Secret Knowledge

The Book of Secret Knowledge has everything that a sysadmin might need. There are manuals, helpful lists, one-liners, blogs, cli/ web tools and hacks. In fact, there’s so much information on the site that listing everything would take all day.

You’ll see tools like:

  • ShellCheck: This will sniff out any bugs that have made their way into your shell scripts.
  • Can I use: This gives you browser support tables for the various front-end web technologies and is kept up to date.
  • Shell & Utilities: This gives you a rundown of utilities and commands that POSIX-conformant offers to application programs.

You’ll love the site if you’re a network admin, sysadmin, pentester, security researcher or DevOps. That’s a big thank you to wheybee99 for tipping us about this site.




Sharex is a tool that allows for screen capture, improving productivity and file sharing. It came to our notice thanks to a tip from stesha83, and it’s going to help you boost your productivity significantly. It’s a simple tool that will change the way you work forever.


Tip of the Day

Here are some more shortcuts for all you keyboard junkies out there. These are brought to you thanks to RegularAlicorn.

  • Win + Ctrl + D: Gives you a new virtual desktop
  • Win + Ctrl + (Left or Right Arrow Key): Brings the virtual desktop forward or backward
  • Ctrl + Shift + Enter (From your Start Menu): This opens your focus program with admin privileges
  • Win + X (In Win8 or over): Provides a really cool menu

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Blog

This blog is run by Charles Parker, a Microsoft certified Deployment Specialist with a wealth of experience in systems deployment. He’s forgotten more on the subject than most of us will ever know. He’s happy to share his experience with the aim of making it simpler for sysadmins to run system deployment projects.

There’s something for everyone here—from the wet-behind-the-ears newbie to the more-experienced pro.



Keypirinha was brought to our attention by DrnXz, who described it as “basically Spotlight for Windows but really nicely customisable.” After taking a look at it, we agree that it’s a great fast launcher for Windows and will give Launchy a run for its money.

Let’s leave it here, shall we? Have a great week everyone and keep those tips and tricks coming in.

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud

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Windows Shortcuts, A Blog, Free Tools & More