IT Pro Tuesday #32

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Hello IT Pro, 

It’s Tuesday—and you guys know what that means—lots of fun and useful ITPro tips. As always, EveryCloud is not affiliated with any of the brands listed below unless we state otherwise.

Cuckoo Sandbox

Sometimes you come across a file. It could be useful, but you just don’t know if it contains malicious software. You could decide not to take a chance and ditch it, but you’re concerned you might miss out.

With Cuckoo Sandbox, the guessing games are over. This is open-source software that is able to analyze files presented to it and check whether there are any potentially malicious elements. The software will give you a report on how the file will act if opened. This gives you a safe and secure environment to pick up executable malware that might be well-disguised within the architecture. Malware doesn’t stand a chance.

 Shit Sales People Say

Okay, so this is not strictly a productivity tool, but it’s going to help keep you sane. This Twitter account posts the inane things that salespeople say to get the sale. Which is funny up until the point you’re expected to implement what they’ve promised. It’s a fun and funny way to while away a few seconds. Relax a while—thanks kenelbow for a good chuckle.  



This tool allows you to locate any server online and monitor it. Use it to detect devices and servers on your network that are exposed. It’s a proactive tool that will help you identify vulnerabilities. Want even more? You’re allowed to run ten searches daily for free. The results are reported in real-time, and the software is constantly scanning the internet to update its results. Try it for yourself, and you’ll be surprised at how many weaknesses it will expose. Videoflyguy is the really fly guy who suggested this tool.


This online community is a great place to meet both experienced and new Unix and Linux sysadmins. You’ll find a lot of interesting discussions and be able to add your own two cents worth as well. You’ll get information on a lot of open-source software including traditional Unix operating systems such as OpenBSD/AIX/HP-UX, enterprise Linux distributions, cloud computing and a lot more besides.

Check it out for some cool tutorials, lively discussions, and good advice.


Smashing Security

This podcast is worth a listen for security experts and IT pros alike. The podcast is run by Carole Theriault and Graham Cluley who are veterans in the security industry. Topics range from cybercrime to online privacy. It’s interesting to listen to and regularly features industry experts. It won the title of “Best Security Podcast 2018.”


That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back next week for the next installment. Until then, have a great week!

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud

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