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Hello IT Pro, 

Settle in, IT Pros, we’ve got some interesting tools for you today. As always, we’re not affiliated with any of the brands on this list unless we say otherwise.  


This free tool by Red Hat has a clever, user-friendly interface that will make it possible to see how healthy your server is. Tasks such as journal inspection, storage administration, starting/stopping services and the monitoring of multiple servers. It will run on:

  • Arch Linux

  • Fedora Server

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Fedora Atomic

  • CentOS Atomic


PowerShell in Depth

The 2nd Edition of this classic is perfect for a Windows admin with some experience in PowerShell to help you build on your skills. It covers a range of tech, techniques and tactics that a more-advanced admin might need. You’ll learn to take your scripts to the next level, simply and easily. It works with PowerShell 3 and later.


This free tool allows you to use intelligent navigation and shortcuts on your keyboard to switch from one SSH session to another or start a whole new session. It works for single and multiple system users and in conjunction with the PuTTY/ KiTTY executable. It includes several different windows and tabs, shareable connections, template variables and sharable connections. Also has a portable version you can take on the go.

Specific_West gave us this handy tip and says it’s a far better terminal than mobaxterm if you only use command-line Linux stuff.


This podcast consists of a weekly half hour episode so it’s not going to take over your whole life. It’s hosted by Richard Campbell and tackles IT for Microsoft users. Johnjohnjohn87 suggested we check out this podcast, ande found it interesting. The host interviews a variety of different guests, so be prepared for a wide range of tips, tricks and different approaches.

The Deployment Bunny

This site is also focused on the Microsoft environment. Check it out if you are interested in virtualization, OS deployment and infrastructural issues. Mikael Nystrom is the driving force behind the site. When he talks, people listen with good reason. He’s one of the TrueSec Senior Executive Consultants and a Microsoft MVP. 

He’s got tons of experience in infrastructural projects across a range of different environments. He’s often called in by Microsoft as a conference speaker and to conduct partner trainings. He’s currently interested in creating private cloud systems modelled on Windows Azure, System Centre and Hyper-V. He’s also interested in creating deployment solutions for both Server OS and clients.


And that’s about it for this week. Have a great week and, as always, keep in touch in the comments.

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud

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PowerShell Book, Deployment Website, Free Tools & More