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Hello IT Pro, 

Are you ready for your weekly IT Pro fix? As usual, we’ve gathered together the most interesting tips that have come to our attention this week, and EveryCloud is not affiliated with any of the brands stated below unless we state otherwise. 


Here you’ll find a variety of scripts for Linux and Unix. Steve_in_Finland brought this to our attention, and it can be a real timesaver. Just one example on the site is “ago.” This will let you know when last the file/directory was changed into a format that humans can read.

Adam the Automator

This blog is run by Adam Bertram. Bertram has an impressive list of credentials—he founded TechSnips, is a Udemy and Pluralsight course author, published tech writer and PowerShell MVP. The blog centers on scripting, DevOps and automation through software.

Funny and True

"A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history—with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila."
—Mitch Ratcliffe

AD Tidy

AD Tidy makes it easy to clear orphaned accounts from your Active Directory. All you have to do is enter your chosen search parameters and then go through the results. From there, you can easily delete, disable or remove those users from your groups. It also allows you to set new passwords and a lot more besides. Nachomountain, thanks for a great recommendation.  

Slipstick Systems

Or, to give its full name, Slipstick Systems Outlook and Exchange Solutions Center, is well worth checking out. It’s authored by Diane Poremsky, who has published several books in this area and is counted as an Outlook MVP.

If you have a query about Outlook or need exchange admin advice, you’re bound to find the answer here. Check through the site resources for even more info. You’ll find apps, utilities, updates, hints and a useful forum you can join.

Have a great week—we’ll see you in the same place at the same time next week.

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A Blog, Outlook/Exchange Website, Free Tools & More