IT Pro Tuesday #39

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Now, onto the tools we have for you this week. As always, we have no affiliation with any of the companies listed below unless we expressly say so.


This free tool is designed to detect security issues within your active directory. It not only detects issues, but also gives advice on dealing with those issues. This tip was a great one from SysAdmineral, who says it’s excellent for sniffing out less-visible threats.


This GUI operates within PowerShell and allows you to develop a new GUI fast and easily – without needing to write code or use a paid application. We have quarky_uk to thank for this tip. IT_2784628364 also recommended it and claims that it changed his life.


Defrag Tools

This podcast is centered on getting the best out of SysInternals tools. Every episode features one tool and covers the uses, features and how you can squeeze every drop of goodness out it. Subscribe for weekly episodes. Our hats off to Phil4real for this great tip.

Sysinternals Video Library

Sysinternals Video Library contains videos that cover troubleshooting topics in Windows. They’re presented by the cofounder of Sysinternals and Winternals, Mark Russinovich, and the expert on Windows internals, David Solomon. There are six videos in total, and while they’re dated, they contain a lot of helpful tips.

Thank you to andyinv for pointing out that the basics are still solid. ZAFJB seconded that and added that the tools haven’t needed to change because they were so good from the start.

Advanced IP Scanner

This network scanner is simple to use and completely portable. You’ll be able to pick up any devices on your LAN. You can use it to control the computers by remote and access shared folders. dRaidon told us about this scanner and added that it was good for when you couldn’t access Nmap.

That’s all for this time – have a great week.

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud
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Powershell Website, Sysinternals Podcast, Free Tools & More