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First of all, a free tool from us. Our Free MailFlow Monitor will let you, or anyone you nominate, know if there’s a problem with an email system you’re monitoring.

Now on to this week’s tips and tools. As always, we have no affiliation to any of the companies below unless we state otherwise.

Jarun Terminal Utilities

This collection contains Terminal utilities that combine the functions of Terminal in a GUI environment. Everything on the site is open-source. The site founder, Arun Prakash Jana, is a developer who wanted to make it easier for sysadmins who had to work on remote terminals. You’ll find the following tools on the site:

  • Googler/ ddgr: To perform a Google search directly from the Terminal
  • nnn: This is probably one of the smallest file managers you’ve seen. It assists with navigation archiving and unarchiving, editing text, remote transfers, and so on.
  • bcal: This is great for storage-specific calculations. You can also convert it to a regular calculator by using the BC command.
  • buku: This is a bookmark manager and also includes a web interface if you like 

We can thank sablal for this hot tip.



This is a system info tool like no other. It will tell you exactly what’s going on inside your PC. You can opt for a short summary or a fully detailed listing. It’s a great way to see what the hardware is in the computer. You can save it as a text file, XML or snapshot and share it easily.

NoelSlevin is the one that suggested this extremely useful tool.

Information Security Policy Templates

This template set was initially created for attendees of SANS training courses. Now it’s been made available to everyone. This was suggested by bfrd9k, who said that the templates could be used with very few adjustments.


GNU Midnight Commander

This visual file manager has a lot of features you’ll love. It’s a full-screen application, so you don’t even need your specs. This app will allow you to copy, delete, and move individual files or full directory trees. You can run commands straight in the subshell.  You also get an internal viewer and also an editor.

BorgClown finds that it is a lot faster to navigate even complex directories. It saves you having to type out directory names. You’re also able to customize your F2 menu to make it more useful.

NT Weekly 

This blog focuses mainly on the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure. You’ll find a range of different useful posts on a range of topics from Windows Server to Intune. Some of the posts are a little dated, but there are still a lot of great ones. ShyAwayFromLight recommended this blog and refers to it regularly.


That’s all for this week. Have a good, productive week and keep those tips coming. 

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