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Okay, with that out of the way, let’s go over the interesting tips and tools that we’ve come across this week. As always, we have no affiliation with anyone on this list unless we expressly say so.


This SSH authentication agent makes it a lot simpler to use PuTTY to connect to your Unix/Linux system. This was a great tip from plazman30, who wishes he’d found it a lot simpler. He says, “Pageant is a component of Putty. It sits in your system tray and will let you load SSH keys into it and pass them through to putty, WinSCP and a number of other apps that support it."



We know the drill – many sites online want your email address. This is usually so that they can market you something later. The trouble is that they might be dangling a nice reward for handing your details over.

Temp-Mail is a solution to this issue that was suggested by Petti-The-Yeti. Just generate a random email, enter it and then download your loot. The email address is temporary, so it will auto-destruct. You get the loot and don’t have to worry about your real email address getting spammed.

CIS Hardening Guides

The CIS Hardening Guides are the results of the efforts of cybersecurity experts around the globe. You’ll find system benchmarks aimed at creating a more-secure system and over a hundred configuration guidelines to help you safeguard your systems. This tip comes from cyanghost109.

NCurses Disk Usage

This disk usage analyser runs off an ncurses interface. It’s simple to use and runs fast. It should work on any environment that is POSIX-like and has ncurses installed. This tip from durgadas is something that he uses on all Linux systems. He goes on to add that it also works on every Unix system he’s tried.

Daily Tech News

This show is hosted by Tom Merrit and centers on new tech. You’ll find interviews and input by many of the leading experts in the field. Thank you EmoPolarbear – it’s a great resource.

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