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It’s Tuesday again, and time for IT Pro. Here we share the most-interesting tips and tools we’ve come across this week. As normal, we have no affiliation with any of the brands listed below unless we say otherwise.


This is a scripting language designed for Windows. It’s opensource and it makes it simple to create complicated scripts for just about any task you can think of. Use to automate desktop tasks. It’s quick, simple and can be used as is. This is another great tip from plazman30.

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

This guide is one of the most comprehensive you’ll find. It centers on the technicalities of optimizing Microsoft’s Configuration Manager 2012 to suit your purposes. You’ll then also receive advice on how to deploy your newly customized program. Everything is covered step-by-step in a logical manner. You’ll learn about:

  • Why the product was created and what its role is in the product suite
  • Planning and design
  • Implementation
  • Details on the feature sets that matter the most

This Week in Enterprise Tech 

This podcast focuses on enterprise technology. If you want to learn more about this fascinating topic, and find out what the latest developments are, you won’t want to miss it. A new episode, hosted by Lou Maresca, is published once week.



This free tool makes it simple to ping a range of different IP addresses and host names at once. You just input what the tool must check, select the interval at which it runs checks and leave it there. The system gets to work and will give you a table listing the results.

You’ll learn whether or not the ping was successful and what the average ping time was overall. You have different format options when it comes to the table – use xml/html/text when saving, or copy it as is to your clipboard. This tip could be the best thing since sliced bread. Which is ironic because it was sliced_BR3AD who suggested it in the first place.

Duck DNS

This free service can be used to point your DNS to the IP that you prefer. Another easy tip is to name the router/server using DDNS in the name. Considering that your server’s IP address is likely to change, this makes it easier. We got this tip from xgnarf who prefers it to Noip’s free offering. Duck DNS is completely free, so you won’t get nagged to upgrade to a paid version.

That’s about all for today. Have a fantastic week and keep those tips coming. 

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud
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