IT Pro Tuesday #46

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It’s Tuesday again, and that means it’s time for your latest installment of IT Pro. As normal, we’re not affiliated with any of the brands listed below unless we specifically say so.

PCmover Profile Migrator 

PCmover Profile Migrator is an interesting tip that a_pojke recommended. It makes it easy to copy and migrate settings, files or applications between two different user profiles on the same computer. This could save you a lot of time when you need to transfer a profile from your old domain to a new one.  


Deployment Research

This website was founded by Johan Arwidmark. Arwidmark is an MVP when it comes to Cloud and Datacenter management. The site naturally centres on System Center. You’ll find plenty of great tips that will make your daily work much simpler.


Beginning the Linux Command Line 

This book has been designed for sysadmins, developers and interested users. It helps you to get to grips with the keyboard commands of Linux that will work with most distributions.

This is an updated edition, so the very latest Linux versions have been included. You’ll also find information on the Btrfs file system, along with managing it and also the systemd booting procedure as well as how to use firewalld to manage your fire walls.


GNU Guix

This Linux package manager has been modelled on the popular Nix package manager. It features Guile Scheme APIs. This is a more-advanced version of the GNU OS. We learned about it from necrophcodr. It can be used on its own or integrated with your system. You have ample choices when it comes to packages, system tools, fonts, documentation, applications and a whole lot more.


Windows Admin Slack

If you’re a Windows sysadmin, you’ll want to draw on Windows Admin Slack often. There are 33 channels that are public and cover various topics in the area.

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Deployment Website, Linux Book, Free Tools & More