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Stay tuned, this week’s IT Pro Tuesday is packed with some great tips.

Attack Surface Analyzer 2.0 

This tool is the most up-to-date version of an MS tool designed to take snapshots on the state of your system before an installation and afterward. This update allows you to enjoy the same great functionality you got from the original—except that this version works on newer versions of Windows as well.

According to Kent Chen, you can get this great tool at Github. Thanks Kent!

Grumpy Old Geeks 

Grumpy Old Geeks—What Went Wrong on the Internet and Who's To Blame, is as amusing as it sounds. The podcasts last for about an hour and are published once a week. It was suggested to us by mkaxsnyder, who enjoys it for the fun banter and the solid information and tips that you will find highly helpful.

Process Hacker

This process viewer is open-source and designed for:

  • Malware detections
  • System monitoring
  • Debugging
  • Analyzing software

You’ll get exciting features like detailed graphs and system info. This tip was given to us by k3nnyfr and it’s a great one.

Next of Windows 

This website centers mainly on tech that works with Microsoft. It covers other topics as well, but it’s mainly a resource for Microsoft users. It’s run by Jonathan Hu and Kent Chen. Both of whom are very experienced and happy to share the tips they’ve gathered over the years.

Joe Sandbox

Joe Sandbox is  great tool for detecting and analyzing dodgy files or URLs. It works across a few different platforms – like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Android. It goes beyond your standard malware detector in that it does a deep analysis. If there’s malware on any system, this should sniff it out.

You can use the Community Edition for free, which allows you to run six analyses monthly. You can run up to three analyses on Window’s systems per day. If you need to run more, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid version.

According to dangibbons94, the free plan is plenty for most people. 

That’s all for this week. We’ll have more great stuff for you next week again, so do come back. 

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