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Hi everyone, happy Tuesday. We’ll go through our tips in a second, but first we have to issue our standard disclaimer. We are not affiliated with any of the brands listed below unless we state otherwise.    


This Quad Explorer makes it simple to access network folders, hard disks, USB drives and even floppy disks. It will work with most storage devices. It has both a 32-bit and 64-bit version, and the program will use the right version based on the computer’s specs.

Kudos to user_none for this tip. It’s a great replacement for Windows Explorer because it is streamlined and quick.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

If you don’t have much time to spare, this podcast could be a good option for you. There’s only one episode a month, so it won’t kill too much time. It’s hosted by security experts and regularly features interesting guests. It has a slightly different slant to most security podcasts in that it focuses on how human behavior affects the security of data.

MrAshRhodes suggested this one and always tunes in on the second Monday of the month to hear what’s new.   



This a system monitoring tool that allows you to display how much bandwidth is being used on your interface. It lists network connections and updates the list regularly. These lists are ordered by how much bandwidth you’ve been using. This makes it useful if you need to see why your network is slowing.

Zorinlynx told us about this tool and uses it regularly as a diagnostic tool.

KC’s Blog 

This blog is run by Kent Chen. For those who don’t know, Chen is a web developer and MVP with a wealth of experience and creative solutions to common issues. Scroll through the library and you’ll find lots of hints, tutorials, news and resources all relating to Windows.


This application has a simple command-line interface. It’s useful if you need to delete profiles on your computer or remote computers you manage. You set the criteria and then the app gets to work. It’ll clear out old profiles that are doing nothing more than wasting space on your hard drive.

Thanks, Evelen1 for this excellent tip.

Well, we’ve come to the end of another IT Pro Tuesday. Do you like what you see? Then why not share it with others who may be interested? We’re building a real community of helpful IT professionals here, but we can’t do it without your help. 

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