IT Pro Tuesday #51

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Hello IT Pro, 

It’s time for this week’s IT Pro Tuesday! As always, we have to state that we don’t have any affiliation with any of the brands listed below unless we state otherwise. 


Multi Commander 

This free tool is a file manager that gives Windows Explorer a run for its money. It has all the basics of your typical file manager as well as a range of advanced features—which is where it really gets fun: 

  • Auto-sorting

  • Auto-unpacking

  • Accessing FTP

  • Editing your Windows Registry

  • Scripting support

  • Easy viewing of pictures and files


Reverent suggested this one and has only good things to say about it. Add in that it’s portable and that all the tools can run through the USB, and you’ve got a real winner. 


Information Technology Research Library

If you want the ultimate resource for research in IT, this website is the perfect place to start. It’s run by, and it gives you access to a wealth of eBooks, magazines, case studies, white papers and a lot more besides. Best of all, it’s all free. You will need to register and provide some details like your email and company name, but that’s minor. 


Thanks to GullibleDetective for pointing out this great resource. The topics covered range from Powershell to Excel and beyond. 

Apache Guacamole

This remote desktop gateway runs off an HTML5 web app client and doesn’t need you to install software or plugins. The gateway supports the standard protocols such as SSH, RDP and VNC. You can also opt to create a virtual environment in the cloud to host and use it. Guacamole fits neatly into different applications. 


Fir3start3r recommended this one because you’re able to use it on any system as long as it’s web accessible. 

The Tip of the Week

These shortcuts make it possible to manage a 4-page explorer with no need to install any other software. 

  • Win + E, win + right, up

  • Win + E, win + left, up

  • Win + E, win + right, down

  • Win + E, win + left, down


With all of these, make sure the Win key is depressed when hitting the arrow keys. Depress all keys together if possible. ZAFJB gets all the kudos for this tip. 



This is to be used in conjunction with Windows 7 to 10. Use it to find and validate product keys and identify the version of Windows. We wish we could take the credit for finding this one, but k3nnyfr beat us to the punch.  

That’s all for this week. See you at the same time and same place next week. And please keep those tips coming in. 

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud
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A Website, Windows Shortcut, Free Tools & More