IT Pro Tuesday #52

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Welcome to another edition of IT Pro Tuesday. As always, we have to state that we don’t have any affiliation with any of the brands listed below unless we state otherwise.  

A Slideshow

This Infosec slideshow was shared with us by shalafi71. If you’re running an infosec class, you’ll find it invaluable. Use it as a template for your own presentation. Make it relevant to your audience by incorporating examples that will make sense to your audience, instead of droning on about firewalls. 



This tool makes managing a network a lot easier. Its web-based and collects MAC and IP address data. It compiles the information into a PostgreSQL database through the use of CLI, device APIs or SNMP. It works on both Unix and Linux systems and has a web server interface that’s easy on resources.  

It gathers data using a backend daemon and offers troubleshooting through a command-line interface. TheDraimen loves this tool because it makes it so easy to run inventory. 


Malicious Life

You get hacks, and then you get the hacks that are covered in this podcast. These are the fascinating tales of hackers that boldly go where no other hacker has ever gone before. Peraphon recommended this podcast, and we’re hooked. 

Hosted by cybersecurity guru and author Ran Levi, this podcast goes through the details of some of the wildest hacks in history.  



This web application is completely open-source and is great at managing and documenting networks. You’ll find it useful for:

  • IP address management

  • Tracking devices and identifying where they’re installed

  • Identifying the power connections, consoles and so on

  • Rearranging equipment racks according to site and group

  • Encrypting sensitive credentials 

  • And  a whole lot more


We’re grateful to ollybee for this tip. 


Hybrid Analysis

This service offers top-notch malware analysis. If you need to protect your community against undefined threats, this service will sniff threats out fast. Compupheonix recommended this tool because of the very detailed reports. 

That’s all for this week. See you at the same time and same place next week. And please keep those tips coming in!

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Hacking Podcast, Malware Analysis Service, Free Tools & More