IT Pro Tuesday #6

More Cheatsheets, Knives, Spam Blog and More... 

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Hello IT Pro,


It’s time for our weekly dose of helpful tools and other items of interest. As normal, unless we say so, we’re not affiliated with any of these brands.


GeekFlares Cheatsheets List

Who doesn’t love the convenience of a cheat sheet? After the response we got from the last one we posted, we realized you wanted to see more. So, when we came across the GeekFlares Cheatsheets List, we knew we had to share.

This is a site that has every cheat sheet a system administrator could possibly want. Bookmark this page, you’ll refer to it often.




Free MailFlow Monitor

This is our gift to our readers. EveryCloud’s Free MailFlow Monitor lets you know straight away if there’s something wrong the flow of emails within your organization. It’s a simple tool that could be very handy for you. 


Maker Knife


Maker Knife is a tool our own team finds very useful. It’s a cable cutter that puts a whole new spin on the typical Stanley Knife. This is the kind of cable cutter James Bond keeps in his jacket pocket. 





Awesome Sysadmin

Awesome Sysadmin is one of the most useful resources that we’ve come across in a long time. We’re grateful to ReallyLongUserName01 (You weren’t joking about that name, were you?) for this hint. Anyway, check out this site. It links through to all kinds of opensource resources for system administrators. is, as the name suggests, a site about spam. If you need to know anything about preventing spam or improving deliverability, you’ll want to visit this site. 

Have a great week and do let us know what you think about these resources in the comments below.


Graham | CEO | EveryCloud

P.S. One Extra Little Freebie

PSExec is a replacement for telnet that it is much lighter on system resources. It allows you to execute processes on different systems and allows for interaction with other console applications. Best of all, you don’t have to install the client software manually to do this. 

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More Cheatsheets, Knives, Spam Blog and More