IT Pro Tuesday #81

Linux Podcast, Web Content Monitor, SSL Manager & More... 

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Hello IT Pro, 

Welcome back to IT Pro Tuesday, and happy 2020 everyone! Reminder: You can always find the full, updated list on our website here. Enjoy.

But on with this week's tools...! Here are the most-interesting items that have come across our desks, laptops and phones this week. As always, EveryCloud has no known affiliation with any of these unless we explicitly state otherwise.

A Podcast

Linux Action News is a weekly podcast full of news and analysis on the free and open-source world. Hosts Chris Fisher—owner of Jupiter Broadcasting—and Joe Ressington—a FOSS advocate and Linux user with several years’ experience in desktop and mobile tinkering—share timely discussions about what’s happening in the Linux world. Our appreciation for this suggestion goes to samsquanch2000.

A Free Service

Distill allows users to monitor web content via a browser extension. The free service can watch up to 25 monitors a month (5 in the cloud), with checks up to 6 hours, for a total of 1,000 checks each month. Suggested by jain_tarun, who tells us, "I am using to monitor a bunch of websites, especially to track software releases, and it's working great by sending me email alerts whenever the website changes. One of the great tricks is to integrate it with Slack."

A Website is a website with all you'll need to detect, track and trace any IP address using the latest techniques. Will get you the registered AS number and organization name/address, reverse DNS, hostname, name servers, and time zone. Thanks go to mythofechelon for the recommendation.

A Free Tool

Certify SSL Manager lets you easily install and auto-renew free SSL/TLS certificates from for your IIS/Windows servers. It's free for a limited number of managed certificates per server. Appreciated by mythofechelon because it "...integrates with IIS and automatically issues and renews security certificates issued by Let's Encrypt. Also, it's the only Windows implementation of Let's Encrypt that sports a GUI."

A Tip

A keyboard shortcut, compliments of Christian:

Windows Key + Comma lets you take a peek at the desktop. It doesn’t minimize all windows like Windows + M or Windows + D, and once you let go of the Windows key, it goes back to the window you originally had open. This is helpful if you are saving a file on the desktop and want to make sure it saved there and has the correct name [by taking] a quick peek.


P.S. Bonus Free Tools

Attribute Changer is a Windows Explorer add-on that's available when you right-click on files, folders and drives. Logs every file and folder modification, and the actions are exportable in a spreadsheet format. Can also simulate changes and bulk change read-only, hidden and system properties. 

Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) offers management for local account passwords of domain-joined computers. Passwords are stored in AD and protected by ACL, so only eligible users can read or request a reset. mythofechelon, who pointed us to this week's bonus tools, explains: "Basically, it randomly generates passwords, sets them on the local administrative user accounts, and stores them in AD." 


Have a fantastic week and as usual, let me know any comments.

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud

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Linux Podcast, Web Content Monitor, SSL Manager & More...